Tuesday, July 26, 2011

087. MISSING: Fishy, Half Breed, and Bikini Inspector

Some of you must be confused at the title for this post.
Earlier today, Jeff Davis tweeted that he had left his 3 favorite tie clips in a hotel. Everyone tweeted at him (including myself) and started a trending topic for him: #prayfortieclips.
I thought I'd draw him a drawing to cheer him up a little bit. Here's what I came up with & drew it rather quickly...
To: Jeff
May your tie clips find their way home!

Little did I know that Jeff would actually see this and replied! Being a fan, this really means a lot!
At least it's Jeff approved! lol!

Thank you so much, Jeff Davis! I really hope you find your tie clips soon. Thank you so much for liking my art! It really means a lot!


  1. omg yayyy that's so awesome! :D

  2. @monica: I still can't believe it! lol!! XD

    @Beachwear: Thanks so much! =]